Online class

Sasha Judelson
Online (location info)
Monday, Anytime
30/03/20 - 15/06/20 (12 weeks)


We will live stream this class and save the videos for you and your child (ren) to view again and/or at a time more convenient to you. The cost for 12 weeks is $95/family, 3 x 15 minute classes each week.



We've started Live Streaming, but you can join the Online Spring Session at any time and enjoy all saved live streamed videos again and again when convenient for your family! 




Upcoming Meetings
01/06/20    Anytime Monday 01/06/20 Anytime
08/06/20    Anytime Monday 08/06/20 Anytime
15/06/20    Anytime Monday 15/06/20 Anytime